The 10-Day Sugar Cleanse

Do you want to reset your metabolism and get rid of gut problems, diabetes, heart disease, cancer,
dementia, and infertility? Do you want to rebalance your body and have a glowing, youthful skin? The
best way to achieve this is through a cleansing, sugar detox program. To help you fast track your health

and give your body a break from the vicious circle of sugar addiction, we outlined a step-by-step, all-
natural and effective ten-day sugar detox plan.

Our 10-day sugar detox plan includes the following:
Sugar Detox Program + Meal Plans: Delicious anti-inflammatory wheat, dairy, and of
course sugar-free recipes that you can easily cook at home.
Weekly Shopping List: What to eat each day such as breakfast, lunch, and snacks +
healthy condiments substitute + shopping list.
Bonus Plan: How to shop to save money while detoxing on a busy schedule + an extra 3
days easy recipe.

Food Journal: List out everything you eat or make future eating plans.
* The 10-day detox plan will not only help you cut out sugar from your diet, it will also help you shape
your physique in a better way, the recipes and meal plans will have wider effects on your health.

How is the 10-day sugar cleanse different than other regular cleanses?
• This is something that you can use for life, it is not a short-term solution.
• There is no restriction or calorie counting, no fad diets and macro-nutrients unbalance.
• The 10-day cleanse will help you master your cravings before your cravings master you.
• Earn the right to be happy and cut on medical bills, debts, and fear of future degenerative

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• 2 bonus eBooks to support gut health!

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