Online Consultation Services and Testing Methods

Do you know the reason behind your gut issues, your chronic fatigue, or even your mood swings? Are
you spending money on fad diets and supplements without knowing if they are right or if they are
Not everyone requires the same amount of nutrients or supplements. The “one size fits all philosophy” is
definitely not helping. That’s why beside the coaching programs designed by nutritionists and holistic
practitioners, I also use iridology and a complementary and revolutionary cost-effective method known as
The Nutri-Body® Analysis that can help you avoid mistakes, it can also be done in the comfort of your
It can analyze over 600 bodily signs of nutritional imbalance. It helps to find out which dietary
recommendations and supplements are likely to be of most benefit to each client, based on their unique
biochemistry. Used together with iridology, this approach is often more reliable than laboratory tests for
determining nutritional imbalance.
Once a nutritional session or coaching service is booked online, an email of confirmation containing the
Nutri-Body® Analysis is forwarded to the client. The online consultation takes place via Skype where
results will be discussed, and recommendations are made accordingly.
The Nutri-Body® Analysis helps to let you know which area in your body requires immediate attention,
which area to keep an eye on, deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances, and dietary modification.
You can get to the bottom of the following with The Nutri-Body® Analysis:

  • Digestive problems such as bloating, gas, and pain.
  • Blood sugar imbalance.
  • Mood swings and depression.
  • Insomnia and nervousness.
  • Brittle nails, dry skin, and hair fall.
  • Heavy period, menstrual pain.
  • Joint pain and inflammation.
  • Etc.
  • Click here if you would like to find out about your health using the Nutri-Body® Analysis. It is used in
    conjunction with other methods of analysis such as iridology. Just send us pictures of your eyes; you can
    take a picture of your iris if you have a smartphone and send it to us via email.
    Learn how to take a picture of your eyes here.
    Both tests can be re-done at regular intervals (every eight weeks is recommended) to measure progress
    and change and re-prioritize. Please be advised that I do not diagnose, cure, or treat any diseases.