On-site Nutritional Counseling

The first appointment is a comprehensive one and it can take up to one hour thirty minutes. Everyone is unique, so before making recommendations, Iridology and/or live blood cell analysis are used to figure out a client’s genetic constitution and predisposition. The current health problems and lifestyle habits are also taken into account.

The client receives a detailed report of findings from the analysis done and an elaborate nutritional program that includes the following:

  • Which area of the body is the weakest and in need of immediate attention.
  • What dietary modification will be made upon their genetic constitution.
  • Which food to avoid and foods that are beneficial for their type.
  • Recommendation on herbal and nutritional supplements.
  • A detox plan.
  • Strategy for emotional release.
  • Further recommendation to see other natural practitioners if there is a need for it.

The first session lasts one hour thirty minutes at the cost of 125 +HST.

Follow up sessions are scheduled every 2-3 weeks or upon request to monitor the client’s progress. Follow up sessions last 30-40 minutes and no testing is done at the time.

Follow-up sessions last 40 minutes at the cost of 55 +HST.

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