Live Blood Cell Analysis

Revealing more than 50 aspects of health!

Two different techniques are used, namely phase contrast and dry blood analysis.

During a phase contrast, one drop of blood is collected from the client’s fingertip using a lancet device, same device used by diabetics. The blood is right away put on a slide then covered with a glass cover-slip, ready to be examined under a microscope.

As for the dry blood, the drop of blood is collected at the same time as the first one used for phase contrast. It is allowed to dry on a slide while phase contrast is taking place. The dry blood is then examined under a microscope to further investigate health imbalances.

Everything seen by the practitioner is shown to the client on a screen. Each imbalance is pointed out. Iridology can reveal vitamin and mineral deficiency, poor digestion of fats and protein, heavy metals, uric acid build up, candida, bacteria, parasites, oxygen and hydration levels in the blood, and so much more!

It is an assessment tool used in conjunction with Iridology and Nutritional Counselling to give a complete understanding of the client’s root cause of disease!

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