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Diet Craze, New Religion

Article: “Diet Craze, New Religion”!

Published by the “Journal of American Naturopathic Medical Association”
Publication content: “Whenever, you want to change your life, get to know your body, be your own doctor, and get to know what works for you”.
Publication date: Aug 4th, 2017

Diet Craze, New Religion!

As a human being I believe that we are all here because we have a mission. At the age of 4, I started questioning our existence in this world, our sole purpose. With time I began to understand that we are all a beautiful creation, unique, gifted and talented in our own way. Being here is a higher calling and we should embrace this amazing journey. I believe in the positive, clean and clear feeding of our mind and soul. I believe in food for healing and I believe in the greatness that our habitat can give us. So, when someone ask me if I have a “food group religion” my answer is no!

What I call a “food group religion” is a group of people following a specific diet non-stop with no apparent reason, just to belong. Unfortunately, I spent my entire life wanting to belong and never belonged! A gift I discovered later would become my uniqueness. Feeling “accepted” can sometimes be an accomplishment for some but a curse for others. How can someone really accept you if you don’t accept yourself. We are bound in society to follow like happy sheep. Not that I am judgy but I have come to realize that by accepting myself and my own decisions as a grown-up I feel a lot happier. For years all I wanted was for my own family to accept me or my friends to stop teasing me, or to say:” yeah she’s cool” I began to live the way they wanted me to, I was living their lives not mine. Deeply I felt that I had to find my own path, no matter how hard it is. So, by doing that I realize acceptance is more than just belonging it is a unique “self” that can only be achieved when someone actually accept the fact that one’s can’t be perfect or can’t be a follower; acceptance comes from love, and appreciation. It is more that just belong to a group. Acceptance comes from pure gratefulness that will feed the mind, body and soul. This new positive identity is already a belonging in itself. This is not only about me but it is the story of many other individuals. We are lot more complex and sophisticated than that. The universe is a part of us and we are part of the universe; we are intelligent, wonder people I call us; for our body regulating so many unimaginable duty that we would feel overwhelmed to do even if we were paid for it! So, ask me again do I use the word diet behind my sentences “nope”. No offense I am unique and so are you so what works for thousands or million might not work for me or you! As my first language is not English and I wanted to get this right so, I researched the word diet and this explanation are as follow:

Latin from Greek diaita ‘a way of life.’

_The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

_a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

_restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

A “way of life” that became more than that. Throughout the years we converted what was a “way of life” into “restriction”. I use a high technological way of eating “just kidding” called holistic clean everytarian. As long as no one has played with my food, I am happy. Which means: Non GMO, organic, non-irradiated, chemicals free, synthetic stuff free, additives free, etc… As long as I am not allergic, sensitive or reacting to it. I am fine. I eat super-food, whole food, foods that do not need a package, the old way. So, my answer is: I don’t belong to any diet dogma. But I do respect all of the other people opinion and realization. I do avoid certain things and limit others, and eat moderately from times to time. It is all part of healthy living. Once in a while I give my body a break from certain foods which helps to lift up the spirit! I do my best to be closer to nature as much as possible because I think that everything is a balance. I believe in the energy of foods therefore, I am against the cruel killing of many animals not that I don’t eat meat from time to time but the right kind and the ones that are killed the way nature intended! Not an animal that has suffered thousands of torments. I stay away from something that can become addicting to the point to be depending. (Please do not follow if you are on doctors recommendations) Now, healthy everytarian comes with a price because you should know what works for you! It might be all clean like I said but if you have certain ailments that require to eat certain way then so, be it! For example, I wouldn’t even consider recommending someone to consume high protein if that person has weakness in the kidneys or high blood pressure. I can’t recommend an individual to consume high fat if the liver can’t take it and so on; in my opinion doing one thing excessively for long time might cause other problem; it might work for short term but in the long run it’s going to hurt. One of my grandmothers lived more than hundred not by any” diet” mean but by eating real food and in moderation. She accepted herself, respected others and fed her mind with real thoughts. It might have worked for her but as each of us is different it might not work for you. So, go ahead and think well not everything that is shiny is gold. I will tell you a weird story. At 16, I wanted so much to be a model that I use the word diet for the first time; my immune system couldn’t cope anymore that same year I was plagued with so many diseases that even my mind was weak just a saying. So, that’s when I realized every time I heard the word diet automatically I saw restricted eating for as long as I live. Same with some of my clients they keep coming back to my office when I say: healthy eating, holistic health etc… once I mention the word diet they follow the protocol for 2 weeks and stop following. Before they even start they ask me is it going to be tough doctor? Where Should I start doctor? How much do I need doctor? Well, I think you get the picture. So, I respect every single opinion, dogma, and rules but get to know yourself before starting any diet out there.

Furthermore, I knew this gentleman who told me that he consumed 12 beers a day! Before I even open my mouth he said back: “Oh organic of course”. No judgment but it is still 12 beers a day not 12 cups of water! Wow, that’s a plus. In the name of organic beer he was killing himself in the process. Because many of his peers went organic now I am not blaming the organic part but it is still 12 beers! Furthermore, I once met another gentleman who was following a non-meat diet not for spiritual reason, not for his own purpose but because most of his friends were on it and it seemed only fair to him to just follow the same path. He was doing it all wrong because none of them were actually doing it right. They ate all fake meats, processed and irradiate to replace the real stuff and ending up with unwanted belly fat and involuntary ladies boobs! I can relate as it was my own craze story a few years ago. I wanted so much to feel accepted by some peers that I ended up in the “no meat diet” to please and I convinced myself that I was doing it for health purpose. Wow, the mind is indeed the most powerful tool! That same year I had a stomach tumor, and three myomas that grew faster than usual and I had two cyst that wouldn’t disappear, I ended up with a surgery. Not that I entirely blame the diet I can only blame myself but It is the way I did it, it had no meaning behind it, no real purpose just a pleasing moment. I honestly felt worst than good. So, from that time on I do recommend it to clients but the ones who actually needs it, and I learned to teach others the right way of doing it. Like I said everyone is different it might have worked for some not for that gentleman and I. Eating fake meat cannot replace whole foods, sorry if some people are hurt it’s better to make your own protein from scratch with natural clean veggies. There are so many stories out there that I would have to write a book in order to enlighten people’s journey. A lady heard me talking about healthy living with a friend; she said to me that: “You can’t talk like this about God’s food, no matter what you say you won’t cloud my judgment because I think that those foods are divine creation and I love myself the way I am”. I was astonished as she looked very unhealthy she couldn’t walk without stopping to catch a breath every minute. I am not really sure if it’s the same love that we were thinking about! No judgment and no offense she is entitle to her opinion. She attacked me publicly because she just couldn’t take it; a need to justify her wonder diet. She continued with how much she loved processed food, how someone specifically told her to eat those things 3 times a day to lose weight because they are microbes free and all the rest! So, I replied: “God’s food you said. Well, I do know that God created divine rain and water that flows in the rivers not chemical laden sodas, God created trees with fruits not processed-packaged foods that can hang; and finally the way God created food is far from genetically being modified. Can you imagine? If we were genetically modified too”. She absolutely gave me that you know gaze. Not that I wanted to reduce her to silence or that my ego couldn’t take it but as a young natural health practitioner I felt that I should put her in the right path. However, as the old saying would state: Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink… The stories of how much she loved processed food and herself went on and on until we walked out. A month later I saw her and she related me her story. She was completely addicted to those foods and they actually worsened her condition and she did not want to stop! As her friend told her that a new study has shown that eating these foods would help lose weight. It is was incredible how they washed her brain.

Whenever, you want to change your life, get to know your body, be your own doctor, get to know what works for you. You can do that by yourself with the help of others or a qualified individual. Look into different aspects of things, research your findings and remember not all foods are equal, some are grown some are created. It is best to eat whole, clean, fresh foods that are not packaged and that your body is fine with instead of following the tendency or others because it might be your lost! Don’t be just a follower but be unique and use your gift! Don’t just follow diets after diets like I did and many others to come to realization that it works for short time or it is not what the body really need. If you are doing it for religious, faith or belief purpose it is a different thing but don’t follow group or others because they say so.

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